Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Our new product called Bella VI Amp’d Up will be hitting the shelves this week, designed to help both men and women with the battle of the bulge.

There are a lot of herbal supplements out there, and so many claim to help weight loss – it can become confusing!

While there is no single magic pill (sorry, but you can’t eat 3 cheesecakes a day and expect a few capsules to melt it all away) to lose excess weight, there are a lot of studies suggesting certain ingredients can help the process along in multiple ways.

Be an educated consumer, and make up your own mind.  Here are the ingredients in Bella VI Amp’d Up and a few of their reported (in some cases scientifically studied, and in some cases more anecdotal) properties, particularly as they relate to weight loss efforts.

  • Bee Pollen: one of nature’s super foods, it contains a rich blend of vitamins and minerals, phytochemicals, and protein.  It reportedly can help muscles repair and build themselves stronger after workouts (and more muscle mass means more fat burning power), lower blood sugar, and increase metabolism.

There are also some suggestions that bee pollen can help people with allergies, and can enhance energy, memory functions, and increase vitality.  *Caution: if you are allergic to pollen or bee stings, you might consult your doctor before using products containing bee pollen.

  • Senna: this plant has been used as a laxative to reduce toxin build-up in the digestive tract.
  • Cassia: similar to cinnamon (nearly impossible to tell them apart when they are both ground as a spice) it can help support healthy blood sugar levels, brain and memory functions, and fight infections.  It also has anti-inflammatory properties, and reducing inflammation in the body is important in achieving optimum health.
  • Bitter Orange: has long been used as an aid to weight loss in many formulas, it can also help digestion and reduce heartburn.
  • Chinese Yam: used for thousands of years it has a soothing property that coats tissues (it can soothe a cough) and can help balance blood sugars.  Often used for weight control.
  • Hawthorn: best known for helping heart functions, it can also act as a diuretic for excess body fluids.
  • Aloe: one of those plants used for many things for centuries, it can soothe digestion, contains many nutrients, and can impact healthy blood sugar levels.
  • Green Tea: more and more health benefits being studied, it is full of antioxidants that slow aging, increase overall health, increase metabolism and potentially fat burning rates, and may fight infections (possibly even cancer.)
  • Fennel Seed: this is one of the star ingredients of Bella IV Amp’d Up.  Fennel seed has long been used to decrease appetite, increase metabolism, increase energy levels, break up fatty deposits, and aid in digestion.

Instructions say to take 2 capsules per day with water, before your first meal of the day.

There you have it!  A number of ingredients that will help in your efforts – along with healthy diet and reasonable exercise – to push those pounds away and get that scale to move lower, faster.

Note: always wise to consult your doctor before beginning new supplements, diets, or exercise routines!